One of my first projects as part of the brand and creative team was to define the look and feel of an online event called CEO Forum. The previous agency had failed to impress the leadership, so we had to work with a limited budget and a large scope. But we were up for the challenge.

Before we finalized the direction, I wanted to present the concept by creating prototypes of innovative solutions. These prototypes used shapes and functions that didn't make sense on their own, but would come together to create something new.

We positioned the event as a way to bring industry leaders together to create a fertile ground for serendipitous conversations and innovative ideas, even in the midst of the pandemic.
Our approach was simple. We focused on how cause and effect, momentum, and collaboration lead to new ways of creating and optimizing solutions. We represented Google Cloud as a catalyst that embodies these ideal conditions.

We tried different options but I ultimately conceived a conceptual framework that pushed a narrative centered on Google that added interest, felt elegant and mature with a touch of wonder. 

This catalyst represented the initial spark that created structural changes in a metaphorical, imaginative state. We partnered with Man vs Machine to bring this to life in a very narrow time frame.
We designed the scenes to be versatile and expandable, so they could be used in a variety of ways to tell the story. This added intrigue and interest, and it all came together in the intro film at the event.
We’re proud of the work we created. We relied on our strengths and leveraged multiple teams to help run the event smoothly. It was so successful that it was continued on by the newly formed event team.
Creative Lead / Hernan Valencia     Creative Lead / Karen Lo    Project Manager / Denny Tran
Creative Director  / Jason Luster    Agency / Man vs Machine

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