I was tasked to lead the visual-identity system redesign, brand re-alignment and to project manage the retooling and rebranding for the Rio Hotel & Casino’s outdated visual brand character identity.
Our challenge was to create a new character aspect and brand personality that kept the current guests engaged while reflecting the changing nature of Rio. The previous creative had become stale and ineffective due to the inconsistent application of guest touch-points throughout the property. The hotel and Casino wanted to get away from its carnival persona and keep the exciting choices they offered to Las Vegas locals in the form of a versatile, colorful and bright visual set that inspired the loose, come as you are, local guest demographic to re-engage with Rio’s newest offerings and amenities.​​​​​​​
One of the unique characteristics of the Rio Hotel and Casino was its building. At night, beautiful light strips light up the building, creating an exotic and exciting atmosphere. I thought this was a perfect representation of the Rio as brand character–its physicality. While the interior changed and its amenities revolved, the ever-present curves and lines of its exterior profile remained. I broke down the components of the buildings, how they looked at night and the colors they projected, into a multi-use set of framing devices and image containers. Keeping the familiar colors of the building and secondary signage-inspired colors, we built a pliable and agile set that used typography to create excitement in a bold, modern way with a contrasting serif typeface that worked as a webfont. In addition to modern and bold lines, I decided on another nod to its exterior by re-imagining its serpentine ribbon graphic, present on its street signage, and use it as a background element to frame the wild and spontaneous nature of the brand character.
I’m very proud of this project as it showcases how much can be done with bold, clean design that steps into the scene wholly anew but is instantly recognizable.

Amy Concepción / Designer
Hernan Valencia / Senior Designer
Karen Lo / Group Design Lead​​​​​​​

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