Looker got its own tier in Google Cloud, thus its identity and name stayed. Design by Chris Teague.

In April 2020, I worked remotely to integrate Looker's brand into Google Cloud. I got to preserve Looker's identity while meeting Google Cloud's standards to ensure it didn't appear exclusive to Google Cloud, since it's a multi-cloud platform.
We had a daunting task ahead of us. By the end of 2020, we needed to convert over 700 assets, including social media posts, thought leadership papers, email templates, and event signage.
Speed was of the essence, so I developed a plan to adapt and map our current branding to Google's Cloudstyle design system, which was still under development at the time. This allowed Looker to become an endorsed product of Cloud, alongside Anthos and BigQuery, while still retaining some of its past work to keep it distinct.
We partnered with Upshot agency to implement the playbook below and manage conversion. It was a massive undertaking, but we were able to complete it on time and within budget.
An overview of the detail involved in organizing legacy assets and evergreen content into a system that was self-serve and could be tapped into by the incoming Looker marketing department and its partners and  field enablement

Customer award designs for our Asia market developed in conjunction with Trophyology, a women-owned, sustainable company.

I used Google's colors and fonts, but kept Looker's unique features. Updating Looker's branding and integrating it into Google Cloud was a strategic move that benefited both Google and its customers. My system was designed to continue after the handoff, so the rest of the Looker marketing team could wrap up their commitments in an additional year.
I'm proud of the work I did to convert Looker's assets to the Google Cloud brand. It was a challenging project, but I was able to successfully plan and deliver Looker into the Google Cloud family.
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